San Miguel Corporation- spreading innovations

Posted on: March 18, 2011

Through years of serving and improving their products, the San Miguel Corporation loosens up to spread the company virus.

The San Miguel Corporation takes another step up in helping Filipinos not only in Metro Manila but also sharing their expertise and knowledge in many provinces here in the Philippines. After many successful projects such as “Malusog na Katawan, Matalas na Isipan”, a feeding program for children from less fortunate families, “Task force hangin” which is tasked to pinpoint the best available fuel and control technology for the plants’ fuel burning equipment to comply with the Clean Air Act, and “Functional Literacy” where they teach basic reading, writing and modern agricultural technologies to indigenous people.

These are only few of the developmental programs lead by San Miguel Corporation. From health, environment, poverty and education, SMC now focuses their attention to science and technology.

According to one of the employees of SMC, even though their improving another sector of our economy, they will never take forgranted of the others.

SMC launches a program called Biogas Recovery which is implemented in their breweries in Mandaue, Davao and Polo, and Distileria Bago, Inc. The company’s staffs and employees were given brief colloquium about treating their wastewater employing the anaerobic biological process. A by-product of this process is biogas, which contains methane gas. The simple molecular structure of methane gas makes it the cleanest gas in use today. The gas is recovered by the breweries and used as fuel for their boiler units.

It is surely a remarkable modernization and it also helps for a cleaner environment. SMC makes sure that it’s not just business but they also supports and gives contribution to the improvement of the lives of each and every Filipinos’.

Another great project of SMC is the “Vermicomposting of Mandaue Brewery”. Vermicomposting is a method of composting where cultured worms eat and partially digest the organic material in organic solid waste. The composting site is a roofed concrete housing in a dark environment conducive to worms. The resulting product or vermicompost is made up of partially digested waste and the excreta of worms. The vermicompost is applied to a soil conditioner, and is of a more superior quality than ordinary compost.

Independent farmers and some employees of SMC were given trainings and seminars about vermicomposting. It is another advantage in the field of science where people can save time and money in producing safe organic composts.

SMC management is really proud to introduce many high-tech innovations from all over the world to Filipinos living in remote areas. New scientific and technological inventions are planned to be presented for much easier jobs to be done by our brothers and sisters working inside the country.

They are not just looking on new gadgets, equipments and other things but they are also improving their products quality for a better health of their consumers.


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